Tutorial: Get a Free Usenext Account

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Hello :)
We are proud to present your our trick on how to get free usenet access.
Since some weeks the worlds biggest usenet-provider "usenext" added a way to get a free account, of course they have hidden this free account trick well, so that most of the user buy a normal account...
Our method is anonym, legal and all you need is a mail-account.
You will not have to pay anything! You even do not have to submit your Name, Your Adress or anything else! And of course Usenext does not lock IP's!

So if you want to download anonym, legal and for free, you better read on!

Step 1: First of all you have to download the free trial client by clicking >HERE<. After that just click on the .exe to install the usenext software.

Step 2: After finishing the installation launch the usenext software (a shortcut should be placed on your desktop), you then will be asked which usenet newsgroups you would like to subscribe. We recommend you to take all of them, as its free in any way... final1

final1 Step 3: Now you start a search query, we searched for the word trailer.

Step 4:You now should get a list of search-results. Just try to download one of them (Right Click->Download all Files). A window should pop up now, which asks you for your mail adress. Type in your addy, the free usenext account will be mailed to this mail-adress. final4

Step 5: Check your mail box, you should find a mail with your free account (It may take upto 5 Mintutes, also check your Spam Folder).

Step 6: Login with your usenext account details.


Step 7: Happy leeching with your free usenext account *g

Summing Up: The trial account is free and legal (as you can also read in the usenext mail), usenext does not have your name, so how should they charge you..? We tried it on our own and after the trial period, usenext did not claim us for anything!!
Click here to download the free usenext client account faker if you have not yet